Benefits of the Halal MREs

Benefits of the Halal MREs

There is now an industry that solely focuses on the production of packaged foods or what is commonly referred to as rationed meals. These meals are popular among soldiers all over the world. Halal MREs fall under this category and come in handy for the servicemen who cannot afford to cook when deployed in the fields or during combat. This industry has been around for quite some time, and over the time, the nature and quality of these products have changed and highly improved to meet the needs of the target market. This somewhat revolutionary concept can provide you with a steady supply of about 1,200 calories per feeding ensuring that you are adequately strengthened to get through your day on a full tummy.

The storage of these meals is relatively easy, and they come ready to open and consume. The MREs are crucial when access to regular food is not an option. The halal MREs feature different ingredients and are now available in a variety of selections provided that they are within the Islamic laws. With an extended life, these foods will not go bad as fast as with any other food on the market. They are therefore more suitable for use in disaster-stricken areas. They make the best remedy where there is a scarce availability of food.

Purchasing Halal MRE

The packaging is tough enough to ensure that the meals withstand even the roughest conditions and harsh weather. At the same time, they are light enough without compromising on their quality and durability. The packaging design is in itself a display of genius thinking. Halal MREs are now part of the daily and modern menu and ensure that all religious restrictions are observed. The dietary requirements are kept intact regardless of who the customer will be. The same applies to their nutritional content. What varies are the ingredients used. When purchasing the Halal MREs, spotting them is quite easy since they are usually marked “Dhabiha Halal” making sure you do not mistake while guaranteeing absolute compliance.

Each religion has its own dietary law. Under the Islamic law, all activities and stuff that is within the law is said to be halal. Only specific ingredients as laid out by the law are permissible.

The name halal applies to every aspect of a Muslim’s life, but when it comes to the MREs, it applies mainly to the meat products and the process by which the animals are slaughtered. This is referred to as dhabiha which explains the writings on the packaging of the MRE.

According to the Islamic teachings, the animal must be slaughtered with respect it deserves and at the same time feel no pain. To keep the pain minimal, a very sharp knife is used to cut the front of the throat. During the time of the slaughter, the animal should be alive and healthy and should be slaughtered while facing Mecca.

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