Legality of the Sale of MRE Meals

Legality of the Sale of MRE Meals

We should remember that MRE Meals is a type of food purchased by the Government of the United States of America, which is light and nutritious and is used in cases where places can not be established to quickly provide food for soldiers in combat or on patrol. However, there is a problem that strikes the minds of civilians who feel interested for the first time in obtaining one of these rations out of simple curiosity or to meet their safety needs in case of an emergency: If this product is made for exactly the Department of Defense of the United States of America, means then, buying MRE Meals is completely illegal as well as selling it ?, as the legislation has another opinion.

Since thousands of sales of MRE Meals have been made directly to civilians, the United States Department of Defense has been obliged to place a statement on each of the bags containing the MRE Meals : US Government Property, Commercial Resale is Unlawful.

However, this plan has a ruling and is the same legislation. Within the United States of America Legislation there is not a single law that proclaims the sale of MRE Meals as illegal, and although the Department of Defense looks for that these rations are not commercialized, without laws that protect said case, will remain Sold.

Sale of MRE Meals in E bay

Given the increase in sales of these rations on the Web, the United States Department of Defense was in need of verifying where the rations were being sold. His intuition marked that they were resold rations given to refugee citizens at the time of Hurricane Katrinna. However the costs quickly showed something and it was that such MRE Meals can be bought from the special producer that originates them.

This is totally legal and the resemblance to the original portions is almost undetectable. Things like the bag that involves the ration and the shape of the spoon found in it, however the rest of content is completely intact without any problem and has the same nutritional capacities as the one given by the United States government itself. America.

Unlawfulness in Aircraft

A place where MRE Meals can be considered illegal is in the airplanes. Several of these meals have heaters without the need for fire, and this can generate a giant problem. These heaters emit a chemical reaction in which the Hydrogen is released from the water, gas which is extremely flammable. To avoid disaster or aerial accidents for possible fires, these rations are prohibited unless fully wrapped and packaged directly into the original box where the ration came from.

Finally we have shown that in case you want to buy a ration, you do not need any special type of permission and it is completely worthwhile to be able to acquire one to suit your own needs.

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